SAY GOODBYE To Fungus Gnats And Fruit Flies!

Take back your home from the hands (erm, WINGS!) of unruly insects wreaking havoc in your kitchen or garden. From plant pests such as gnats, to aphids and thrips, our sticky traps are the ultimate way to rid yourself of pesky house guests (mother in-laws not included!).

Unlike competitor traps that use poisonous or scented chemicals to lure insects, ours are unscented and use safe, non-toxic glue. Plus, protective peel-off backing keeps the adhesive from being exposed until you’re ready to use each trap, so you’ll never have to deal with sticky fingers!

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No unsightly fly tape here. We’ve fashioned our famous fruit fly traps into beautiful butterfly shapes that add a dash of coziness and warmth to any space. No more ugly fly traps that make your lovely home or office feel more like a corporate warehouse.
There’s nothing worse than unprotected adhesive that attracts dirt and loses all its stickiness. That’s why we’ve included an additional protective layer for maximum sticking power as soon as you’re ready to use. Just peel-’n’-stick for a bug-free domain!
Can’t seem to rid yourself of pesky aphids, leaf miners or other flying insects that love munching on your precious garden veggies? Our traps are UV- and water-resistant, so they work just as well outside as they do inside! Your rose bushes will thank you.

Our Secret to Beating Fruit Flies

A helpful trick for double the effectiveness!

1. Fill a mason jar or wide-mouthed cup with an inch or two of apple cider vinegar or other sweet bait

2. Tuck a sticky trap into the mouth of the jar.

3. Watch as your fly problem disappears before your very eyes!

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Giving Back to Bee Conservation 🍁

Your purchase helps us support pollinator and bee conservation initiatives by sponsoring independent bee conservatories and farms across Canada.

This year we're currently sponsoring:
50,467+ bees at B-Y's Honey Farm - Niagara on the Lake, Ontario, L0S 1J0

Do you know of a bee or pollinator conservation initiative that would be a good partner for us? Get in touch and let us know!