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  • SAY GOODBYE TO FRUIT FLIES AND GNATS: Take back your home from the hands (erm, WINGS!) of unruly insects wreaking havoc in your kitchen or garden. From plant pests such as gnats, to aphids and mosquitoes, our sticky traps are the ultimate way to rid yourself of pesky house guests (mother in-laws not included!).
  • NON-TOXIC AND CHEMICAL-FREE: Unlike competitor traps that use poisonous or scented chemicals to lure insects, ours are unscented and use safe, non-toxic glue. Plus, protective peel-off backing keeps the adhesive from being exposed until you’re ready to use each trap, so you’ll never have to deal with sticky fingers!
  • WORKS INDOORS AND OUT: Tired of fruit flies taking over your kitchen and ruining your summer vibes? Can’t seem to keep mustard plants safe from hungry garden aphids? EcoCanucks insect traps are both UV- and water-resistant, so they’re suitable for indoor AND outdoor use. Now THAT’S what we call a better fly trap!
  • ADORABLE BUTTERFLY DESIGN: Who wants to look at unsightly fly tape that totally ruins your home decor? With our cute butterfly shaped mosquito stickers, gone are the days of sacrificing your design scheme to get rid of a few bugs. It’s time to kiss those unwelcome intruders goodbye -- in style!
  • STICK OR HANG ANYWHERE: With two ways to use, our sticky traps can be placed virtually anywhere you’ve got pests. Just stick inside a potted plant with the pointed bottom end or make use of the pre-punched hole and hang. We’ve tossed in 20 twist ties so you can set up your fruit fly trap indoors or outdoors and stick ‘em everywhere!
EcoCanucks StickieTraps (20 Pack) - Sticky Fruit Fly Traps & Gnat Traps Indoor & Outdoor | Fungus Gnats, Fruit Flies, Plant Insect Trap | Sticky Traps
1495 1695

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Judi Ballah

Did not receive my order.

Marie Burke
Simply the best sticky traps!

Traps arrived promptly and I deployed them immediately. Effective and deadly. The BEST!

Very difficult to remove the protective paper from the traps!

The protective paper tends to rip into smaller pieces instead of coming off in one piece. Very annoying and sticky to get them ready to use. They are catching fungus gnats though.


Very happy with the results

Jessee Deininger

catching all the little buggies, working great